The Legit Story written by Mayura and Shoko.

Mayura wrote the red parts

Shoko Wrote the blue parts

Shoko was a little girl who was about 5ft 1, she thinks that she is a ninja and smokes weed because she thinks it will give her flying powers. Her husband Shaun in yr11 also agrees that Shoko should smoke weed, as it seems legit as Mr. Hubbard says. Shoko laughs like a horny old man and works at a Market Store selling fruit. She has recently bought a 15 million pound castle with Shaun, in the lovely town of Sheffield.

~ In Yorkshire in Mayura’s Castle ~

“Hey Mayura can I come in?” says Andrea, “When did I invite you?” says Mayura and slams the door in her face.

Shoko receives a letter from Howl, which is an invitation to his castle. She leaves Shaun and goes to the moving castle. Mayura also receives the same letter. As they both go to the castle, they meet up and go together.

Eventually they get to the castle and open the door however… Hubbard is there “I’m the new Howl” he says *facepalm, gun-to-head motion* “Oh God…” they say. As they are about to leave a free elf appears. “Dobby is a free elf, Dobby has no master” says the elf. Then he says, “Dobby needs a sock, Harry is my master”. Dobby goes to Harry Parr’s castle to get a sock but is unfortunately killed by Bellatrix on the way. Snape also dies in front of Harry after saying, “you have your mothers eyes” to Harry.