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Drawn by Tian
Vital statistics
Position Main
Age 14
Status Married
Physical attributes
Height about 5ft 1
Weight Unknown
Shoko is a Japanese girl who thinks she is a ninja. She is openly lesbian, and is married to Mayura. Since the marriage with Mayura, she has become a metalhead and enjoys mimicing with her especially in Maths as the troll does not actually teach them anything. Shoko has a very unique laugh, she laughs like a horny old man and air laughs when it is too much. 
Japa-Nyan Cat Original Sushi Fighter

Japa-Nyan Cat Original Sushi Fighter

Nyan cat that represents Shoko


Shoko smokes weed and she thinks she has special flying powers. Unfortunately she cannot fly, as she is not a bird. 

Shoko plays piano which many people find convincing, sadly she also plays trumpet and is forced to attend trumpet choir every monday although she moans.

Shoko is also a pedophille herself as he gets alot of attention from youger boys when Mayura confronts her she gets bare paniced and says she knows them from "band"

She enjoys talking to people via the internet and has a couple of friends. Mayura, her wife is worried that they could be pedophilles and has warned Shoko not to give in.