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Drawn by Tian
Vital statistics
Position Main
Age 14
Status Married
Physical attributes
Height about 5ft 3
Weight Unknown
 Mayura is a metalhead who believes she could make a better Mayhem vocalist than Dead. Mayura is very lazy and dislikes sports. She is fluent in Deutsch and Sarcasm and is best friends with Herr Vogt. Mayura is easily upset and gets bare emosh when people steal her friends, bands and food. In her spare time she likes to chill in Camden which she claims to be her ends. Mayura is cool as she is a skater and visits skateparks regulaly, where she likes to PERve on skater boys. She also enjoys going to metalcore and deathcore concerts near Camden and Brixton, she went to Sonisphere at a young age and made eye contact with Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon, they then met again at Vans Warped Tour where Oli and Mayura made eye contact for 2/3 seconds. Mayura is a festival junkie and has a so called "Sonisphere Scar" as a rememberence of her first proper festival at Vans warped she briefly crowd surfed over five people. Dispite her very Asian heritage Mayura wants to persue a career in music and wants to start her own Death Metal Band, mixed with elements of Dubstep and Classical Music. Her main insperation is Per "Dead" Ohlin, because he was Kurt Cobain before it was cool. She finds him legit as he "died for Black Metal". 
Nyan Cat (New Heavy Metal Version)

Nyan Cat (New Heavy Metal Version)

Nyan Cat that represents Mayura

Personal lifeEdit

Mayura tends to like lanky people/PERson(s) in the year above her, just like her friends Brook, Shoko and George. However she has had some exceptions like that guy she randomly kissed when she fell on top of him in a skatepark. Mayura is an open lesbian and is married to Shoko. The couple got married at a Mayhem concert in Liepzig, Germany.