Nyan Cat representing Brook

Brook is a recurring character in life. he always happens to be there, despite not being in ones sets.

Strange problemsEdit

Brook is very socially awkward.

Brook is also a member of the Spelling Police, and is striving to become a member of the Grammar Nazi's despite being a jew.

Brook is also very offended that he is only a recurring character, he is not even half main.

PERsonal lifeEdit

Brook has developed a sexual attraction to a girl called Brooke Oliver in the year above him. Despite having a sexual attraction to Brooke, Brook also has a wife called Marlisa. Brook prefers to call her "Wife". Brook and "Wife" had their honeymoon on Pluto. Brook also has a 2nd wife called Chloe CT. This is because he is middle eastern and middle easterners always have millions of wives.

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